(organized by affiliation)

Santaku Group | サンタク企業

River M59A1 (she/her):
b. 11 July 1982 | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania|blood type O neg

born to Armenian diasporan parents in the US, raised in Beirut, had an ill-fated career as a US Army officer. Became a combat doll out of a desire for new wholeness and service to her wife and community. Now works for Santaku Dynamics. 5’9″, blue hair, pushing 40, keeper and defender of the home fires. Voracious reader, sometime poet and biwa player, maker of good coffee. Wants to be a mom.

Wife and blade to Kasu.

BA in Japanese literature, Callowhill College (Philadelphia), MA in history, Moyamensing University (Philadelphia)

Isawa Kasu, Ph.D. 伊沢滓 (she/her):
b. 30 July 1974 | Ishinomaki, Miyagi Pref.|blood type B Pos.

Former heir apparent to house Isawa of Ishinomaki, which owns Santaku Group. CEO of combat doll-focused subsidiary, Santaku Dynamics. Driven, capable, hands-on leader hiding a current of anxiety under practiced poise. Bad at delegating.

Wife and Wielder to River.

BS in cybernetic engineering from Shoheizaka U. (Tokyo), M.S., Ph.D. in cybernetic engineering from Atsuta U. (Nagoya).

Aneha C-306 姉歯 C-306 (she/her): former human SDF soldier, now Santaku combat doll and range supervisor at the Urato Research Center. Calls River “rookie” and enjoys flustering her. 6’0″, muscular, soft-butch personal style.

A-065 (it/she): Armorer doll at the Urato Research Center, one of River’s oldest mentors and friends.

Kakuzen Bakery 和菓子屋「角禅」

Yui め-633 結衣 め-633 (she/her): Retired ex-human combat doll who runs Kakuzen Bakery, on Jōzenji Avenue in Sendai. Used to work for the Foreign Ministry. Yui’s conversion was by Nogami, a now-defunct company, and as a result, maintenance for her is a challenge until she acquires a Santaku-made chassis.

Lives with her human partner and former Foreign Ministry colleague Sugawara Tomoka. Like River, Yui wants to be a mom.

Sugawara Tomoka 菅原友香 (she/they): Bakery co-proprietor and freelance translator. Yui’s partner. Formerly an interpreter for the Foreign Ministry, where she met Yui.

Kaitōan Bakery/Hinoki Cafe パン屋海糖庵・カフェー檜

Maki Chisato 真木千里 (she/her)- Baker Witch of Nanase, Aki, and Nanami. Runs Kaitōan Bakery on the waterfront in Shichigahama. Mentored Kasu in how to be a better partner to a spouse who is a doll.

5’7″, gray-haired, 58 years old.

Eri サ-111 (she/it): Former human, Santaku-converted service doll who runs Kaitōan Bakery with her partner turned Witch, Chisato. Pink hair, 5’6″, 50 years old.

Nanase あ-103 and Aki い-115 (both she/it): A duet of Arai-made, all-synthetic dolls who run Hinoki Cafe, in Shichigahama. Very curious about combat dolls and ex-human dolls.

Keyaki Solutions 欅ソリューションズ

Miyakozawa Akiko 都沢晶子 (she/her): Chief Director of Keyaki, Witch to Zee, Philanthropist, and Local Menace (pronounced Menache). Also owns a cafe.

Z33R0 (Zee) (it/its): Vulpine Nogami-model combat doll and right hand doll of Akiko. Is in the business of knowing things.

JGSDF 陸上自衛隊

Hayami Nanami 早見奈々未 (she/her): JGSDF Major General in charge of acquisitions for the SDF General Staff in Ichigaya, Tokyo.

Kasu’s ex. Kasu calls her “Nanamin”